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Disclaimer: Hong Kong - Investors

The funds included in this site invest in different investment tools, such as stocks and bonds. Each fund invests in different investment instruments and therefore bears different risks.

Some funds investing in emerging market stocks may involve higher risks than investing in developed markets, including sharp price fluctuations, liquidity risks, and currency risks.

Some funds investing in stocks of a single country or industry may have higher volatility than investing in multiple countries or industries.

Some funds investing in China bear additional risks, including the risk of repatriating funds and uncertain tax policies.

Some funds may invest in underrated, unrated, and high-yield debt securities. This will expose these funds to higher liquidity risk, default risk, and price fluctuations due to changes in the issuer's credit value. These funds investing in fixed rate securities may be affected by interest rate fluctuations.

Some funds may deduct all or part of their fees and expenses from capital, thereby increasing distributable income and actually making distributions from capital. Similarly, in certain cases, dividends may be deducted from capital, equivalent to returning a portion of the investor's original investment or any capital gains obtained from that original investment, which may result in an immediate decrease in net asset value per share.

You may lose all your investments.

You should refer to the relevant fund sales documents, including risk factors. You should not make investment decisions solely based on this information.

Please review the content of this page before entering this site. The following provides an overview of several legal restrictions on the distribution of such data in several jurisdictions. After carefully reading the following data, please click "I have read and agreed to the above terms" to confirm that you have read and understood the above data, and agree to the terms of use contained on this site. Otherwise, please click "Cancel" to leave the website.

This site is for the use of Hong Kong residents only. Non Hong Kong residents are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations within their jurisdiction before browsing the data on this website.

Not constituting an offer/local restriction

Any content listed on the website should not be construed as soliciting an offer to purchase, or as suggesting the purchase or sale of any securities, commodities, investments, or engaging in any other transaction. Any information contained on this website does not constitute investment advice, nor does it serve as a recommendation or representation of the suitability or applicability of any advisory products or services, nor does it propose or solicit the purchase or sale of any securities, financial products or investment instruments, nor does it serve as any specific trading strategy. Before making any investment decision, you must seek independent financial and tax advice.

The data provided on this site is not intended to be distributed or provided to any person or individual in a jurisdiction or country where the distribution or use of such data is not permitted by law or regulations, or is regulated by law. The owner and entity of the connected website are responsible for actively connecting to the website and complying with applicable local laws and regulations. The website is not aimed at any person in any jurisdiction where the publication or connection of the website is prohibited, regardl<x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x><x>ess of whether the prohibition is due to the person's nationality, residency, or other reasons. Individuals subject to these restrictions are not allowed to connect to the website.

Data published on the website

Huaan Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited ("Huaan Hong Kong") has taken all reasonable and prudent measures to ensure that the data on this website is accurate, timely, complete, suitable for the intended use on the date of publication, and complies with relevant and applicable laws and regulations. However, there is a possibility of errors or omissions in the relevant data due to circumstances beyond the control of Huaan Hong Kong. Huaan Hong Kong makes no guarantee or statement regarding the accuracy or completeness of the data contained on this site. You need to carefully consider and investigate, without relying on any data on this site. Any actions taken by anyone based on the content on this site will be their own responsibility for the risks.

The data on this website is correct on the day of publication, but it is not guaranteed that you will still be true and complete when reading. Huaan Hong Kong does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the content. This site may provide data provided by a third party, and such data is provided by the third party and assumes full responsibility. Huaan Hong Kong will not make any guarantees regarding such data. All content may be changed without prior notice.

Any opinions or predictions used on this site are based on data deemed reliable during the publication date, but Huaan Hong Kong does not guarantee the timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of such data. Any opinion based on market conditions at the time and specific expectations (or not proven to be valid) is correct on the day of publication and can be changed at any time. Users of this site should not rely solely on such content.

Risk warning

Investment involves risks. Past performance does not necessarily indicate future returns. The price and returns of investment products can rise or fall. In some cases, investors may lose all their capital. Investors should carefully review the issuance documents, including risk factors. You should consider and understand the risk factors involved in your investment goals and the acceptable level of risk. If you have any questions, you should consult with independent financial and professional advisors.
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